Monday, November 19, 2012

Marimekko Beverly Hills Opening Party

On Thursday evening, we had the opportunity to attend the Marimekko Beverly Hills Boutique private opening event. We were so excited to join the Finnish textile company known for its bright colors and stylish designs as it opened its doors on North Canon Drive. 

The 5,000 square feet of space was packed with the signature colorful prints on everything from home furnishings and textiles, to original fashion designs. The center of the boutique houses two tall, brightly lit shelves that houses all of the beautifully colored textiles. Our favorite items were of course, for the home! The shelves were filled with stripes, illustrations and colorful prints. The colored glassware arranged on the dining table are one of our favorite hostess gift ideas for this coming holiday season. The jewel colored glass can be used to arrange beautiful dinner party tables. This is the ultimate destination if you want to decorate with bright colors & patterns or if you are looking for holiday gifts. Some of our favorites included the beautifully printed china, trays and mugs, and cups. A band performed in front of a stunning Marimekko pillow wall, with colorful printed pillows strung from the ceiling creating a beautiful back drop as well as fun window displays for those who were peering in from the outside. 

Get yourself a little Marimekko. Our favorite items include the ceramic mugs, the original print iPhone cases, and the men's bow ties.  The collection includes pillows, bedding, dinnerware, glassware, towels and shower curtains. They also have a collection of tote bags and accessories.  If you cannot find anything you like (quite unlikely), you can purchase your own fabric from the boutique and design something of your own!

“Marimekko is about living, not pretending. Marimekko is about understanding and accepting the beauty of life just as we encounter it every day.” -Mika Ihamuotila 

Photos Courtesy of L.A. Times


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